KM Animal Clinic and Surgery

KM Animal Clinic and Surgery

  • ClientsKM Animal Clinic and Surgery
  • CompletedSept 2018
  • CategoriesPU / Epoxy Flooring
  • Project BudgetsMYR 30000

Project Description

KM Animal Clinic and Surgery planned to upgrade their clinic, including the back-of-house areas where pets would be temporarily kept while being treated. DEK proposed to transform the existing space, which had a cementitious floor screed and regular internal paint, to a hygienic space. This included a seamless polyurethane screed (PU) flooring system (Dri-Floor PU 2000 & Dri-Floor UV 9000) and applied water-based epoxy (Dri-Floor WB 1200) to the walls. The proposed system is hygienic, moisture proof and non-porous, preventing the growth of bacteria and allowed the space to be cleaned easily.

Project Challenge

The existing building was not built with any moisture barrier systems and had some moisture seepages through the floor and wall. These conditions are not ideal for the application of PU flooring and water-based epoxy coating. Based on DEK's experience & technical knowledge, we had to do some pre-treatment to the area before the installation of the resinous flooring & coating system was carried out.

  • Seamless flooring system
  • Hygienic & non-porous
  • Prevents bacteria and mould growth
  • Durable

Final Result

The entire area was successfully transformed from a regular shophouse to a hygienic space. With additional lighting points installed, the whole area brightened up and was a much more comfortable space for the furry friends there.

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