Menara Biomed – “Santorini” Pool

Menara Biomed - "Santorini" Pool

  • ClientsBiomarketing Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Biomed Global)
  • CompletedNov 2021
  • CategoriesWaterproofing, Protective Coating, Refurbishment, Swimming Pool
  • Project BudgetsMYR 150,000

Project Description

Instead of a conventional tiled/mosaic pool finish, the client decided to refurbish the existing pool with a seamless coating system, resembling the pools in Santorini.

Project Challenge

After hacking off the existing tile finishes, the substrate was in extremely bad condition to receive coating works. The substrate was repaired & reprofiled with polymer modified repair mortar. Subsequently, a fibre reinforced epoxy coating system (Dri-Gard TZ 300 + Super Fibre R100), and the coating system was finished off with a UV-resistant aliphatic polyurethane coating (Dri-Gard UV 920). Other works included in this project include painting works, waterproofing of side corridors and pump room, casting of concrete covers, and so on.

  • Waterproof coating system
  • Fibre reinforced for durability
  • High performance epoxy & PU coating
  • Seamless & low maintenance compared to mosaics
  • Fully cured coating is non-toxic

Final Result

The entire system achieved the aesthetics/design, and it also acts as a waterproofing system to the entire pool & pool deck area.

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