Sky Condominium Tennis Court

Sky Condominium Tennis Court

  • ClientsIOI / Pilihan Megah Sdn Bhd
  • CompletedJan 2021
  • CategoriesSports Floor, Public Space, Refurbishment
  • Project BudgetsMYR 50,000

Project Description

The existing tennis court at Sky Condominium, Puchong was facing multiple issues, including floor cracks & coating debonding. The client intended to refurbish the place to fix up all defects to ensure that the condominium facilities remain in good condition and safe for public usage.

Project Challenge

The sports coating system required a fibre reinforcement in order to repair & bridge the cracks to prevent them from re-occurring. The installation of the system required experience & skills from our builders team.

  • Fibre reinforced system with crack bridging abilities
  • Good weathering performance
  • UV-resistant
  • Anti-slip to prevent falls and injury
  • Durable system

Final Result

All existing coating that was peeling off were removed & the entire floor surface was lightly sanded. All cracks were patch repaired using Dri-Poxy EP 178 epoxy patching mortar before Dri-Floor AC 288 Sports Floor Coating System was applied, with Super Fibre R45 fibre reinforcement mat embedded between layers of the sports floor coating.

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